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The house is rented for fixed periods of a week / from Monday at 3:00 p.m. until Monday at 11:00 a.m.

The prices are per week, for occupancy of up to 5 people

The price is 560 euro per week, for occupancy of up to 5 people + 70 euro for cleaning and service

Credit card billing on this site is done with Israeli shekel currency.
The Euro and Dollar figures specified on the site should only be used as an indication of the total price.
  If you are interested in paying in euros it can be done by a direct transfer to our Greek bank account. 
 Contact us with the requested date and we will send you all the details for the bank transfer.  

הבית מושכר לתקופות קבועות של שבוע. המחירים הם לשבוע, לתפוסה של עד 5 אנשים. הזמנות בעמוד זה בשפה האנגלית והרכישה בשקלים.

הזמנת חופשה מהווה הסכמה לתנאי הזמנה וביטול, ולהצהרת הפרטיות

All Cretan flower photos thanks to  © Jacques Van Gerven

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