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About Us

We, Uri Regev and Aliza Ashkenazi have been engaged in REUSE in recent years in many different ways.

In July 2021, between the Coronas, we went in search of an old Greek stone house slated for renovation. We were looking for a house with traditional architectural features that were at least 100 years old. The intended house was finally found in a small village called kallergos in the center of Crete.

Settlement in Kallergos began a few centuries ago and the first building in the Blue daisy house was built about 200 years ago. About 150 years ago, two adjacent one-story houses were built on the same plot of land, in which two brothers lived with their families, and the first house became the home of the animals. In 1921, another floor was added to the houses. In 1985, the houses were abandoned and sold.

One house was renovated immediately and the other house withstood its desolation until 2021.

After purchasing the abandoned house and before we started renovating it, we decided on three principles:

  1. Maintain its original shape and characteristics

  2.  Reuse the materials that were dismantled during the renovation 

  3. To design it in the spirit of the place and the period that people lived there in the past

The New Blue Daisy House

The old House

Blue Daisy house renovation story

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