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Cooking Classes

Xenia Skoula

Meet Xenia Skoula

I was born in Athens where I lived until some years ago. Then, along with my family I moved to our place of origin, the amazing island of Crete.  

Cooking was always my favorite hobby. I was very happy whenever I could invite friends over and cook for them all the recipes that I had learned from my grandmother and my mother and some of my recipes.

For the last 9 years, I have been teaching cooking seminars on Cretan cuisine and Greek cuisine in general.


My Cooking lessons take place in my home.

I am so happy to share with my guests the amazing scenery, since I live in a stone house among the olive trees (from which I am getting the olive oil I use for my recipes) the cypress trees, the typical tree of the region, and my garden, where I grow myself many of the vegetables and herbs we use to our cooking, creating dishes full of the aroma and taste of the traditional Cretan recipes.
After we finish with all the food or desserts preparation,  we all sit outside to enjoy the fruits of our work and with a glass of Cretan wine and raki. 

cooking class crete

Traditional Cretan meal

Stuffed vegetables and vine leaves, or
Boureki is a traditional dish from Chania that is made with vegetables, cheese, mint, and pastry on top

Lamb in red sauce, cooked with onions and raki and potatoes cooked along with the meat in the sauce or vegetarian option - zucchini balls    

Kremmidokalitsouna - small fried pies, stuffed with caramelized onions and a mild Cretan

cheese called Myzithra

Tzatziki and a Cretan salad  

These recipes which not only you will take pleasure in tasting, but also learn how to prepare them on your own to offer them to yourself and your loved ones!

4-5 hours  |  50 euro per person

cooking class crete

Greek Desserts

Sfakiani pita - a kind of thin crepe filled with cheese and served with honey.

Myzithropitakia - small cheese pies fried and served with honey and cinnamon.

Lychnarakia - cheese pies in the oven have very aromatic and spicy flavors, pasteli, etc.
Variety of cookies

3-4 hours | 35 euro per person

I look forward to sharing with you all the amazing Cretan tastes knowing that this experience will remain a vivid and delightful memory to hold and share

Languages: English and Greek


Magical Mystery Tours


Meet Enda MacMullen

Born in Ireland I came to Crete in the early 2000s, knowing only that this magical island held a promise of nice things to happen. And looking back, it kept that promise and still amazes me daily many years later.

Because of my language skills I easily found work as a tourist guide, and soon made a very good name for myself with the tourists. They loved what, and how I did things. Many of the tourists I met on the organised tours contacted me privately and asked if I could offer something different, something “not touristy”.

Those requests, and my love for nature, walking, fauna and flora soon became a very successful mix, enjoyed by many people. To this day I enjoy finding wonderful, unknown places to go and explore and show these places to families and small groups of people, usually looking for “the real Crete” and never finding it because it is not on offer through the mainstream, mass tourism outlets.

Today I don’t work for agencies any longer. Using my language skills,  I have a full-time job outside the tourist industry while every minute of my free time is spent looking for a new adventure, taking thousands of photos and shooting videos. And if it happens, I am very happy to show my discoveries to people who have an interest in the real “real Crete”.

Magical Mystery Tours

Having first-hand experience with the joy and the sheer excitement of exploring somewhere totally unknown, I decided to organize a Magical Mystery Tour if people so wish. Together with like-minded friends, I am available to take you on an unforgettable day out, usually somewhere in the province of Rethymno. This keeps the travel time low and thus adventure time high.

We never disclose the place we are going to show you, but do of course make sure it fits in with your stated interest, be that History and Archaeology, Fauna and Flora, Nature Photography, Religious Discovery, or simply a great day out accepting whatever it is that crosses our path.

If you are interested in a proper Magical Mystery Tour, contact us by emailing In reply, you will get a short questionnaire about your group or family, and your interests. Please note that we never take more than 8 people on a Magical Mystery Tour. Once we know a little more about you and what you are looking for, we will send you an offer including starting time, what we will see, and all the other details you need to know to thoroughly enjoy your very own Magical Mystery Tour with me or one of my friends. We tell you everything, except for where we will take you.

For more information about your Magical Mystery Tour contact Enda MacMullen

+30  6948004583 | 

Tours are on offer in many different languages, including English, French, Dutch, German, Greek, Czech, Finnish, Russian, Italian, Flemish, …


Pottery Workshop

giorgos & mariniki

Meet Giorgos
and Mariniki

Giorgis Dalamvelas was born in 1972 in Margarites.The son of a potter himself.

In 1996 he set up his workshop, "Kerameion", in an old stone building, where he works using local clays from Aori, an area at the foot of Psiloritis, from where the potters of Margarites got the suitable soil for their vessels. His searches and experiments, in addition to the local soils, are complemented by the firing of his vessels in a traditional wood stove.

In 1997, he attended a stone conservation program in Orvieto, Italy, and worked with local potters. In the same year, together with his partner, antiquities conservator Mariniki Manias, they made "Kerameion" a meeting place for those who love Ceramic Art and are interested in getting to know its peculiarities. Margaritsanis Pottery and the use of vases.

Mariniki Manias was born in Heraklion in 1972 and studied Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art at T.E.I. of Athens specializing in ceramic restoration.

pottery workshop crete

Basic studio workshop

Beginning with a 15-minute introduction (theory) about the traditional Cretan pottery.

We explain the way of making the clay by the source of the mountain and the burnishing with a pebble and decoration with wool.

Demonstration of the old tricky pots and throwing a pot on the wheel.

Then we move downstairs for practicing and let the visitors try to build their own pot with our help

1 hour | 2-3 persons, 25 Euro per person per hour

1 hour | 4-8 persons, 20 Euro per person per hour

pottery workshop crete

Outdoor workshop

First, we have a walk on the main street where ruins of old workshops are explaining the history of pottery for the last century. 

Then we visit our outdoor place and see the local raw materials and all the ways of producing handmade clay.

The visitors can see the wood-fired kilns and then they can make their pots using the electric or the feet-operated wheel or something only hand built.

The period for making clay is May-August. 

Whenever we do a wood fire, you are most welcome to participate.

2 hours | 2-3 persons, 35 euro per person per hour

2 hours | 4-8 persons, 30 euro per person per hour

For more information and reservations please contact Giorgos Dalamvelas

+30  6976332651 |  |

Pottery workshops for all levels can be tailor-made just for you

Workshops programs can vary, from a few hours to several days.

Languages: English and Greek


Bicycle Adventure

Manos kaiselis

Meet Manos Kaiselis

We ♥ riding bikes, and we have a passion for Crete. is born out of our desire to make mountain bike adventures in Crete accessible to all. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a complete beginner, want to ride for a day or longer, solo or in a group, we have the bike experience for you. With the support of our experienced cyclists, tour guides and bike technicians, we’ll share the wonder and joy of authentic Crete in the best possible way: on the saddle of a bike. When you choose to ride with us, you will be taken off the beaten path and experience the most inspiring cycling experience in Crete. We offer bike hire and a wide range of day tours, multi-day tours and longer cycling adventures

cycling tours

Cycling Tours

We have nice offers for mountain bike rides near the Blue daisy house.

You can select different bike tours or cycling routes that can be adapted to any fitness level or experience.

Choose your ride here

starting at 50 euro

For more information and reservations please contact Manos Kaiselis

+30 6906903223 |

Cycling tours for all levels can be tailor-made just for you

Languages: English and Greek 


Be a Gardener

uri regev

Meet Uri Regev

Gardening has always been a significant part of my life. I fell in love with the field back when I was a child. I got the foundation and love for plants from my grandparents. Later, I opened a commercial nursery which I managed for 12 years. When I moved on to other fields gardening became my main hobby. Over the years I updated and developed my craft and today I work mainly according to the principles of permaculture.

I would be very happy to accompany and advise you on any gardening activity you would like to engage in during your stay at Blue Daisy house.

Since I am not present there during your stay, communication can be either by email or by phone.


Olives & vegetable garden

The size of the Blue daisy house plot is 1700 m² and most of the area is planted with olive trees. If you are interested, starting from 1.11 each year, you can take part in the olive harvest, bringing them to the olive press and receiving olive oil for them

In the garden area you will also find an herb garden, a vegetable garden and fruit trees - you are welcome to pick and use them for your enjoyment.

If you are interested in performing various activities such as planting and sowing vegetables in the vegetable garden - please coordinate this in advance with Uri Regev

For more information please contact Uri Regev

+972 546515669  |

Vegetable gardening. olives picking, olive oil production
Gardening guidance and instructions 


Go for Excursions

crete tours

Blue Daisy house’s location in the center of Crete makes it the perfect starting point for day trips on the island.

In Crete you will find excellent food all over the island. 

Good restaurants that are near the house you can find in Margarites, Panormos, Rethymno

You can also go for Wine tasting at local wineries:  Kourkoulou winery  Klados winery

Arkadi monestry Crete

Route 1 - 38 km

Melidoni cave -  Stalactite cave
Margarites - Potters village, Ceramic galleries

Eleutherna - Ancient city, Archaeological Museum
Arkadi Monastery -  Impressive monastery and buildings.

Preveli beach

Route 4 - 70 km

Patsos Gorge  - Canyon, wooden bridges, cave  
Spili - Picturesque village, folklore museum, spring

Kourtaliotiko Gorge    - Caves, springs and scenery

Preveli beach -  Beach, river and palms

pines in crete

Route 2 - 77 km

Rethymno    Old city and port, mosque, fort and gardens

Mili Gorge  - Water, vegetation, old mill

Lake Kournas -  Sweet water lake, pedals boats

Argiroupoli  -   Springs, waterfalls and huge plane trees

Fodele byzantine church

Route 5 - 87 km

Axos  - Wooden sculpture museum
Fodele -  Weavers, church, river 
Heraklion - Port, old fort and museums

ducks in Vryses, Crete

Route 3 - 88 km

Vryses -  Rivers, wooden bridges and ducks
Aptera - Archeology and amphitheatre 
Chania - Old city and port, museums and cruise

bali beach Crete

Nearby beaches

Geropotamos beach - 11 km
Spilies Beach  - 12 km
Panormos - 11 km
Bali -  23 km 

Additional beaches
Balos beach - 132 km
Elafonissi Beach - 153 km


Learn about the area history

historical Crete

Eleftherna is located 7 km from the Blue daisy house and it is one of the oldest cities in Crete. Next to it is a great museum which tells the story of the area and displays a spectacular collection of artifacts from the area. It is 20 km from Arkadi  Monastery.
The surroundings of the house allow you to take pleasant walks in nature among ancient olive and carob trees. Many species of wildflowers bloom in the area throughout the different seasons. Among other things, you can walk to an ancient stone bridge from the Hellenistic period, 2 km from the house.
Kallergos is one of 10 villages in the Mylopotamos region that UNESCO has chosen to preserve and has declared them World Heritage sites.


New at Blue Daisy house


We are currently renovating a traditional wood-burning stove, which was once used for baking and cooking.

The stove was found under the ruins, behind a large fig tree.
We are doing everything possible to make it ready for you and your use starting this spring

Ready for use

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